PassionPix Wedding Photography

PassionPix are passionate about offering a Professional Wedding Photography service to help create timeless, contemporary photographs. Wedding photographs you and your family can treasure for generations to come. We use our experience and know-how to create beautiful photos in a natural documentary style while you enjoy your wedding.

passionpix about image - first dance

Our passion for wedding photography means that we will be there – mind, body and spirit because  most beautiful moments are natural ones and they are always momentary. For this reason we:

  • dress like a guest at your wedding so we blend into the crowd
  • do not use big cameras or big lenses, so as not to draw attention to ourselves
  • stay close to where the action is so nothing is missed
  • take photographs that reflect proximity rather than distance so when you look, you’ll feel like your in the middle of the action!

You can see this in the portfolio.

Weddings can be hectic, emotionally charged events that become a blur until you get a chance to sit and realise the day is done.

You will be glad you chose PassionPix as your wedding photographers. We will capture all the details and emotions that made your day for you to treasure and look back on in the many years to come.

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groom with groomsmen

Why wedding photography

Passionate about Photography

Properly photographed wedding day memories are important and that passionate photography really matters and can bring back a flood of memories, not just today but, years down the road.

Someday you will look back, with your own children, at your wedding photographs. This is when you’ll be glad that you have these memories captured, the joy and love of your wedding day.

Passionate about service

You are not going to get that from someone who just snaps away. To capture, in all its glory, the beauty of your wedding, your family, the special friends and guests that you have gathered to witness your wedding you need someone you can trust.

Don’t let the special little things that happen, that actually make the day, become memories that are forgotten.

Passionate about results

When you view your photographs, we at PassionPix want to make you laugh, smile, and maybe even shed a tear. We want to capture the love you have for each other as well as the love and joy your family and friends have for you.

The background moments you might have missed while you were busy, making your way through your wedding day.

Professional Development

We know you need photographers that are as passionate about your wedding as you but also, who invested heavily into their business and professional skills.

For our part, that means:

  • having the right equipment which is also regularly serviced
  • having sufficient back-up plans
  • access to additional equipment if needed

Being a highly regarded part of a network of photographers from all over the UK – especially in the Kent / London areas also means that getting another pair of specialist hands, should you need them, is not a problem.

These partnerships with other professional photographers also means that we have a network to call on in emergency situations.

Some slideshows that I have created for clients: