Chimping for Wedding Photographers

I had an interesting discussion – from a videographer who also photographs complaining that I was chimping at a recent wedding.

For those of you who don’t know – ‘chimping’ is literally looking at the screen on the back of the camera.

Now, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t chimp. Be that a photographer or a videographer. For photography, there are two types of chimping – looking at the histogram for exposure or looking at the actual image for focus or composition.

Everyone does one or the other. I chimp to check exposure, especially during wedding receptions as the light is constantly changing. I do this because if something important is happening, I won’t get a second chance. I have calibrated my camera bodies to my lenses so I know focus isn’t going to be an issue.

Photographers will dial in a general ambient exposure (the venue / room light as it is without flash or DJ lights) but shadows, DJ lights even reflections can have a dramatic effect, sometimes good but sometimes not so good. This is why I use the cameras exposure graph.

So, how do videographers chimp – they constantly look at the cameras screen with focus and exposure being relayed in various different ways – this includes zebra stripes and focus peaking and histograms.

Mirrorless cameras are also used for both video and photography with these aids. The difference with mirrorless is usually the user doesn’t even hold the camera up to the eye, they only use the back screen.

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