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Why Printing is Important

If you love a photograph, print it!

Why printing is important – I have had many discussions, with photographers, friends & clients. I am amazed at how an equal number of all these people think that keeping photographs in the ‘bit’ format (digitally) will preserve the precious memories for years to come (some argue longer than printed). I disagree, I think it’s important to print photographs if you want to keep or treasure them. In the race to have the latest, largest, fastest most convinient storage medium we are loosing the ability to recover the stored data.

I tried pointing out from my personal experience how the ever changing format of the stored image meant that files from 14yrs ago can no longer be accessed because nothing now available can read the medium – zip disks from my university days are now bin worthy because the 250mb Jaz disks can not be connected to my pc – the zip drive uses a connector which no computer has!

Now, the boss of Google has also joined the discussion:

“The problem is already here. In the 1980s, it was routine to save documents on floppy disks, upload Jet Set Willy from cassette to the ZX spectrum, slaughter aliens with a Quickfire II joystick, and have Atari games cartridges in the attic. Even if the disks and cassettes are in good condition, the equipment needed to run them is mostly found only in museums.”

Here is a link to the full article:

“We are nonchalantly throwing all of our data into what could become an information black hole without realising it. We digitise things because we think we will preserve them, but what we don’t understand is that unless we take other steps, those digital versions may not be any better, and may even be worse, than the artefacts that we digitised,” Cerf told the Guardian. “If there are photos you really care about, print them out.”

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