Pre Wedding Meeting

After weeks and months of planning, it might seem like your big day is over all too soon. But your wedding pictures leave behind a fairytale for you to enjoy any time you want. From family portraits to capturing documentary moments during your preparation, wedding photography encompasses a lot these days.

First off – one of the biggest hurdles for any couple is to actually relax when being photographed. It is actually rare for a couple to initially enjoy being in front of a camera.

There are ample styles and digitalised solutions to dabble with to make your pictures truly come alive. This makes it important for you to discuss your needs fully with me so that the only surprises are good ones.

Based in Kent, UK, I am a professional wedding photographer with all the experience to know what will work best for your special day. I insist on meeting my clients before I take up an assignment, which gives you an opportunity to run through your ideas with me while giving me an opportunity to learn more about you.

Wedding pictures are an essential part of your day’s memories, so it makes sense to plan all details pertaining to your big day well in advance. You are left relaxed and know what to expect from me.

What can you expect out of a pre wedding meeting with me?

A pre wedding meeting is certainly not a sales meeting, but a mutually beneficial session for you and me to get to know each other and to discuss the details of your day as well as what you’re looking for.

Getting to know the bride and groom is the best way for me to understand and begin the planning journey for your wedding photographically. You can communicate better with me and let me know what you liked with other wedding pictures and what you hope to see in your own.

From your perspective – this meeting will initially be about your expectations from me, essentially:

  • the number of hours of coverage you want
  • how you want the final files delivered
  • any questions related to contracts, insurance and finally
  • what will the total cost be

From my perspective – this meeting essentially lets me explain my style to you and gives me an understanding of your personalities so your photographs reflect this well. I strive to bring out your style photographically, to be a part of your wedding story.

The bride and groom are much more comfortable when they know how I work. This keeps the pictures looking natural and light rather than forced and nervous.

A pre-meeting also allows you to examine my printed work and my style of photography to ensure we are a good fit for each other. We can also, dependent on time and availability, arrange a pre wedding shoot.

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