Wedding Photographer Kent 2014 Review

With 2015 around the corner, I thought it would be good to look at some highlights as a London Wedding Photographer of 2014.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is use a ‘system’ that exposes for the shadows or, allows for more details in the shadows. This is, for me, the difference between the two main camera companies – Canon & Nikon. Dynamic range.

I now work with two Nikon cameras instead of Canon. I’ll try to briefly explain why:

The reason I’ve changed to Nikon, is the dynamic range of the sensors in Nikon cameras. Simply put, the dynamic range is the amount of detail the camera can capture between black and white – with black being total darkness or shade and white being bright sunlight.

The ability to focus, to set a usable shutter or aperture is what makes a photograph. It’s the reason why people have been capturing beautiful photographs since the turn of the century!

The difference between Canon & Nikon is very, very minor – it has nothing to do with the reasons that seem to float all over the web. The web is full of stories of how wonderful Nikon cameras seem to be able to rescue photographs that were literally destroyed because the photographer made a complete boo boo by under-exposing by ridiculous amounts, no photographer really makes these mistakes or they go bust very quickly.

Every single review I have ever seen, the reviewer has gone out of their way to produce something they would never EVER photograph for a client. There are no exceptions – the more you research, the more this is revealed! So, if you have a camera, make sure you know everything about how to use it before changing because someone, whose work you admire uses a different system.

I am not going to provide photographic evidence because, in my experience, you would see nothing – no difference. Because I haven’t tried to create something to prove a point. In fact, I have used flash to even out the difference between dark and light when using Canon cameras. I am going to continue to use flash, in the right circumstances, with the Nikon cameras.

Working from the ‘gut’ is so much more important than the camera – especially in a profession that is so full of ‘professionals’. So saying that, over 2014, I have developed what will lead my direction into 2015 and I have tried to illustrate that with these five photographs:

The happiness, the love and the special moments that make a wedding something that can be looked back on time and time again.

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year 2015!
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