Mendhi Party

A mendhi party is an ancient Indian celebration that is the equivalent of a ‘Hen night’. The one difference is that all the lucky ladies’ family and friends (male and female) are present.

In the traditional mendhi party, a paste is applied by all the family, female friends and relatives to the bride-to-be’s face, arms and lower legs or feet. Some cultures have adopted this tradition and modified it so sometimes the paste is only applied to a leaf held by the bride-to-be for example. Once this tradition is completed, everyone is invited to eat and then party!

Sonia’s mendhi party was held at the 4 star Tower Hotel in Central London, over-looking the Tower of London. The glitzy evening was set in the beautifully decorated Tower Suite.

I have covered many events for Sonia’s family and one thing I have to say is they know how to PARTY!!!

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